Student Feedback

REL151: Christian Orthodoxy and Heresy (2022

As I said I really like the class openers and discussion, the guided discussions with questions that lead to different viewpoints and the student-led discussions were definitely the strength. I think one of the points of the class is being open to multiple points of view, and discussion almost requires that as we had students of all different religions, and we are also bound to interpret the readings differently so it was very beneficial to hear how other people read the same texts differently. 


The greatest strength of this course is that it is never boring. Professor Marcantonio is really good at relating to her students and explaining ideas in a way that students can understand. Having students interact through class openers and discussion is also one of its strengths, because it makes coming to class much more enjoyable. 


I really liked the class openers, they were a nice way to start off class (and my morning most of the time ha) and I got to learn a lot about various topics and how they relate to the students presenting them. I also liked the class discussions, hearing how my classmates interpret texts and issues differently is really interesting and I enjoyed just sitting and listening to their arguments, some of them stemming from their personal beliefs. I would keep both of those components, they really added to class each day. Also, our trip to the library looking at texts was really cool, I was actually pretty shocked looking at and analyzing the manuscripts that closely, and it made me feel closer to our topics of discussion. 


Professor Marcantonio did a really good job of making the class a welcoming and inclusive place, and I also thought my classmates and I collectively made it a welcoming spot for each other and were able to challenge each others' thoughts without taking away from what someone else is saying.

XTIANSTU705: Cultivating Christian Imagination (20212022

She was fantastic. Always came to class very prepared. Comfortable in her role as instructor and willing to engage students thoughtfully. Very accessible and responsive between classes. Displayed a high level of knowledge and experience with the material in class. I only chose Above Average instead of High on communicating the ideas of the instructor, because that wasn't usually her role. She was highly effective at communicating her own ideas and adding positively to the discussion, supplementing the instructor. 

Jillian was extremely engaged in our class. Her art openings were interesting and on point, and set the tone for our class time. She was incredibly responsive and helpful, and provided excellent critical feedback on graded assignment.

Preceptor was excellent--lots of knowledge of the background material and enthusiasm that was contagious.

Jillian enhanced each class with an art explanation that was specific to the conversation and theme of the class. It was always creative, informative and enhanced our discussion, and sparked in me a desire to study theology in the arts. Jillian was responsive and available for instruction and encouragement outside of class. She was a very good complement to Professor McCarty. They made a great team! 

Jillian was an excellent instructor in every way. She is very knowledgable, excited about material, patient with students, an excellent communicator. Generous in spirit. Responded quickly to questions via email, even questions related to the material but outside the confines of the course (Candida Moss). A fair grader. She will make an excellent professor and I would be glad to take courses that she was directing.

NT754: New Testament Interpretation (Spring 2020, Spring 2021)

Jillian is an excellent preceptor. I appreciate how she takes time for three main things in precept: 1) addressing larger questions/concerns about things we are learning in class. This includes both content related questions and questions emerging from our engagement with Scripture as Christians and pastors and theologians in training. 2) She helps us understand how to do the assignments, that is, how to do exegesis. 3) She tends to use breakout rooms (if time permits) to practice skills from #2 which allows us to talk through Scriptural interpretation with classmates and have live feedback from Jillian as she jumps around to different groups. 

I enjoyed Jillian's input during the sessions. She did a great job of guiding us in discussions and with assignments. She also gave great feedback on assignments. 

Jillian was great, she facilitated difficult discussions well and was always encouraging. She has a good command of the material and was able to impart that knowledge well. 

Jillian did a great job of remembering our questions and contributions to the class in a way that made me feel valued even though we weren't together face to face. 

Jillian is one of the best preceptors I have had at Duke. She cared about her students and their development as scholars, pastors, and citizens. She knows the material and desires to help us comprehend it. She wanted us to become wise and not just know information. 

I like the style of your precept sessions, where you bring your deep knowledge and familiarity with the material but also your enthusiasm and "let's dig in and see what we find" manner. It's infectious.

CH750: Early and Medieval Christianity (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

Thank you for being warm and engaging. Your passion for the subject and care for those in your precept was clear. Thank you also for all the extras that you did.

Jillian is a saint. She showed great patience and was able to stay on topic despite having the rowdiest precept.

Jillian Marcantonio is an EXCELLENT preceptor. She encouraged sympathetic readership of the texts without ignoring critiques and responses. She did extremely well leading our precept sessions, created a space for honest conversation, and did an excellent job encouraging learning. Jillian also offered very helpful feedback on assignments and was very helpful in conversations about growing as a theologian and writer.